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Over hundreds of years the inhabitants of cities wanting to develop areas of their lives tried to give it a unique character, to express their thoughts or even make the environment more aesthetic. This game is dedicated to this aspect of the city of Poznań. The popularity and class of monuments gathered around the Old Market made us look for less well-known space, and as it turned out just as much interesting...

The city - a place where, by definition, life passes faster - is not conducive to contemplation of its heritage. On the way home, work or school we often pass by the specific kinds of information from previous generations, practically not noticing them. And if we even notice them on the run, we are not able to read them properly. What if this information is something very important? A treasure thoughtlessly passed, that only needs to be reached out? We encourage you to consider this game in such way.

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Ostatnio w grę ENCHANTED IN STONE zagrali

  • Zuza, Matt, Rob Henshaw
  • Julia Haack

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