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Ostrów Tumski in Poznań – its name literally meaning “Cathedral Island” – has, for over a thousand years, remained a site of important developments for our country. It was here that the first ruler of Poland – Mieszko I – has built his settlement, and it was here that the very first of Polish bishops – Jordan – established his seat.

In the 16th century, Jan Lubrański, the bishop of Poznań, has established a school on the island, known as the Academy due to the high quality of tuition provided. At the times of the Prussian Partition, fortifications were erected on the Cathedral Island, including the Radziwiłł Fort and the Dom Schleuse (“Cathedral Lock”), parts of which have survived until this day. More information on this unique part of Poznań can be found on the information board located at the junction of Panny Marii and Ostrów Tumski streets.

A few years ago Ostrów Tumski in Poznań has become the area of the first urban game designed for individual play. The game tells a story of Ostrów Tumski and the surrounding area seen in the light of a certain... testament.

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Ostatnio w grę POZNAN THE FIRST DEGREE zagrali

  • Alessia Busani
  • Raffaele Di Filippo
  • Alessia Busani
  • Raffaele Di Filippo
  • Annika Wiemer, Dominik Ratz
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