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You are about to begin a critically important mission, the results of which may determine the fate of the world itself! Four scientists from the Albert Einstein Space-time Research Institute in Poznań have discovered a way to gain entry into a space „beyond time”. By way of an experiment, they have embarked upon their first journey, choosing Poznań as its destination. Sadly, on this very first journey beyond time something has happened – something nobody could have foreseen. During the research journey, someone has stolen Emperor Otto the Third’s imperial crown before the symbolic crowning of King Bolesław Chrobry.

It is not difficult to see what consequences could this event bring in its wake. If Chrobry never becomes king, history itself may be changed forever! All hope now rests in the hands of the investigators, who have gathered all the necessary information and must now find the scientists and save the world! Perhaps it is you who will reclaim the imperial crown?

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