Poznań is the city where the Greater Poland Uprising broke out

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After years of enslavement, filled with enthusiasm, ready for anything, they have waited for the right time to come. THE TIME OF PATRIOTS. The above words refer to the Poles - a nation which for over 120 years has dreamt of regaining its independence, lost utterly in 1795 as a result of the Three Partitions of Poland, performed by the neighbouring powers - Prussia, Austria and Russia. After many failed attempts, the end of World War I brought about an opportunity to regain freedom at last. The German defeat during the war resulted in an opportunity to reunite the region of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) with the reborn Polish state.

All that was missing was a spark - an impulse that would set things in motion. And then this impulse finally came - in the form of the arrival in Poznań of the word-famous Polish pianist and a candidate for the position of the Polish prime minister, Ignacy Paderewski. In an audacious move, Paderewski decided to come to Poznań in the company of army officers form countries which have won the war, despite the fact that the Germam authorities have forbidden him to do so.

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